Matthew Landis

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how to book a visit

Send me a message on the CONTACT page or by email ( with your date and time request. I'll get back to you ASAP.

What happens at a school visit?

I love talking about writing, what inspires me, and the soul-crushing-but totally-worth-it process of publishing—BUT I really love helping your writers find their own story. What inspires them? What are the key elements to a story, and how can they tell it well? I'll run your students through a workshop, handouts included, that gets to the heart of these questions. My goal is to have them leave with ideas and tools to get cracking on their own story. 

HOw much does it cost?

Every school has different schedules, so specific sessions can be adjusted to meet your needs. 

A full-day visit is $700 and includes:

  • Large or small group presentation(s)
  • Writer workshops with individual classes or grade levels
  • Social Studies/research workshops with classes or grade levels
  • Book signing, Q&A, and many hilarious group photos

*Travel expenses for schools over 50 miles away also apply