"Matthew Landis depicts the world of middle school with laser-like clarity, big-hearted warmth, and abundant humor...I wish I were still teaching just so I could hand this book to my favorite students."

          — Jordan Sonnenblick, award-winning author of Drums, Girls, and Dangerous Pie

"...The best kind of time travel as past and present cross-dissolve."

         — Richard Peck, Newbery Medal-winning author of A Year Down Yonder

"An American history educator's dream novel."

         — School Library Connection

"Teacher Landis knows how middle schoolers work, and he shows his skills here."

         — Kirkus Reviews



Oliver Prichard knows everything there is to know about the Civil War.  If anyone asks, he can expound on the number of casualties at the Battle of Gettysburg or list General Sherman’s greatest achievements. But since nobody asks, Oliver doesn’t wait; he just launches in. This might explain why Oliver doesn’t have a lot of friends — or any, really, just Kevin whom he sits with at lunch — but by the 8th grade he’s all right with that.  Completely.  Well, he’s used to it, at least.

Then he's paired with Ella Berry for a huge report on a Civil War figure — Ella Berry who never brushes her hair, who is barely passing any of her classes, who is almost as much of a friendless loser as Oliver.  Even worse, they get stuck with some soldier Oliver has never heard of, who — they learn — didn’t even make it to any of the battles!  How is Oliver supposed to show off his knowledge when he's paired with the worst partner ever, researching Private Nobody?

As they spend more time together, it turns out Ella's not horrible.  She even thinks it's cool that he trains for reenactments on the weekends.  For the first time in his life, Oliver is making a friend.  But then the project takes a turn that Oliver doesn’t like, that elevates this loser of a soldier, and he has a decision to make. What’s more important — the feelings of this girl he has come to maybe, kinda, really like or Oliver Prichard Civil War glory? When Oliver blasts the project and Ella, he has to make it up to her if he wants to save their collaboration, his grade, and his relationship with one of his only friends. The best way to make it happen? Abject humiliation, of course.

As they explore Civil War history, Oliver learns to let go of the past to deal with the now, Ella comes out from behind her hair to confront her parents and the world, and together they learn that school isn’t all that bad.

"National Treasure meets Hamilton...Landis's book will give you the punchy, suspenseful dose of our nation's past you've been desperate for."

          Bustle Magazine

"An unputdownable modern-day thriller, perfect for fans of Dan Brown."

         — Lynne Matson, best-selling author of the NIL Trilogy

"Criminally clever and wickedly funny."

         — Tiffany Schmidt, author of Once Upon A Crime Family series

"League of American Traitors packs adventure, humor, and a conspiracy-laced dose of American history into a three-shot duel."

         — Kristen Lippert-Martin, ITW Finalist for Tabula Rasa


When seventeen year-old Jasper is approached at the funeral of his deadbeat father by a man claiming to be an associate of his deceased parents, he’s thrust into a world of secrets tied to America’s history—and he’s right at the heart of it.

First, Jasper finds out he is the sole surviving descendant of Benedict Arnold, the most notorious traitor in American history. Then he learns that his father’s death was no accident. Jasper is at the center of a war that has been going on for centuries, in which the descendants of the heroes and traitors of the American Revolution still duel to the death for the sake of their honor.

His only hope to escape his dangerous fate on his eighteenth birthday? Take up the research his father was pursuing at the time of his death, to clear Arnold’s name. 

Whisked off to a boarding school populated by other descendants of notorious American traitors, it’s a race to discover the truth. But if Jasper doesn’t find a way to uncover the evidence his father was hunting for, he may end up paying for the sins of his forefathers with his own life.

Like a mash-up of National Treasure and Hamilton, Matthew Landis’s debut spins the what-ifs of American history into a heart-pounding thriller steeped in conspiracy, clue hunting, and danger.

It’s the end of the world as i know it

Spring 2019 from dial/penguin random house

13-year-old Derrick Waters thinks the world is ending in 19 days when the super volcano under Yellowstone National Park is going to erupt. He’s been prepping for a year—he’s gonna survive this Apocalypse, unlike the first one that turned him into doomsdayer.

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